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Refinishing your floor for renewed elegance

Are you looking for flooring restoration in Manchester? Floorstyle offers expert floor sanding to brighten up the look of your stained, scratched flooring.


Sanding a floor rejuvenates it and helps in transforming your home into a lively, inviting space.


Our experts efficiently restore your floor to its original condition by clearing all the scratches and roughness through sanding. We have over 15 years of experience in offering high standard flooring restoration.

Give your old floor a new lease of life

Installing a new hardwood floor can be costly. Even when you go for the comparatively affordable option with laminate flooring, you need to have a defined budget.


However, floor sanding can restore your old floor whilst still being cost effective. Floorstyle offers expert flooring services for both domestic and commercial premises.

Why choose flooring restoration?

  • Prevent you from having to replace it

  • Repairs damage and scratches

  • Smoothens floor roughness

  • Eradicates layers of dust, dirt and grime

  • Increases the property value

  • Makes floors durable

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